R00070 Consultez (et modifiez) VOS données de VOTRE Outlook sur CE site
Publié par JièL le Dimanche 29 juillet 2007 03:49
Unable To Display
To use this Gadget, you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or later and Microsoft Office XP.
You will also have to enable ActiveX Controls in your browsers security settings.

To use this gadget with FireFox you must have FireFox v2.0 and install the IE Tab addin. (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1419/)
Then you must configure the Address http://www.google.com/ig?hl=en to be displayed in IE emulation.
To do this click Tools >> IE Tab Options
In the URL field paste http://www.google.com/ig?hl=en and click Add. Then click OK
That should do it. Navigate to google.com and log into your personalized home and this gadget should display.

If you have more questions, please let me know.

Andy Steinmann